$40M Road Construction and Telecommunications Infrastructure Company


A $40 million provider of road construction and telecommunication infrastructure installations encountered adverse weather conditions that caused job delays which resulted in liquidated damages and other unanticipated expenses.  Due to resulting operating losses and liquidity issues, the client defaulted on its loan agreements with its bank.  At the bank’s request, the client engaged Lighthouse to stabilize cash flow and find alternative financing.

The Solve

Lighthouse worked with the client to develop weekly and monthly cash flow projections, identify opportunities to reduce expenses, and to prepare a recapitalization plan.  With cash flow stabilized and a plan in place, the client was able to negotiate a forbearance agreement allowing the time needed complete its recapitalization efforts.


Within ninety days, the client paid of its obligations to the bank through a combination of proceeds from the sale of excess equipment and the refinancing of its credit facilities.